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My main focus is creating a unique treatment plan for each patient to help them achieve their goals. minutes using various injectables and medical grade skincare. We can contour cheeks, smooth wrinkles and, in many cases, simulate the effects of cosmetic surgery without going “under the knife” and without the need for downtime, risks or costs associated with an involved surgical procedure.

ash-thetics offers two medical grade skincare products, Epionce and ZO

Epionce was created by a clinical dermatologist and is a physician-strength skin care line. Founded on 20 years of knowledge and experience, Epionce provides cosmeceutical, non-prescription, dermatological-based products to address each individual's unique skin care needs. It offers a wide range of regimens from improving the aging skin and wrinkles to various skin problems.

ZO was founded by world-renowned dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi. ZO believes there is only one way to achieve healthy skin, by the power of using cutting-edge science rather than trends. By combining exclusive formulas, bioengineered complexes and the latest advances in skin therapy technologies to bring result-orientated solutions. Powerful technologies used to correct damage, prevent and protect from future damages no matter your skin condition.


Our Clients Say

I had the best experience with my Botox and lip filler with Ashley at ash-thetics KC!  Ashley is calming and personable, making the experience relaxing and fun.  She helped ease my fears and ensured me that we would have a natural, beautiful result.  She was right!  I am absolutely in love with my results, and the pain during injection was minimal if any.  My lips are full but soft and natural looking, and my Botox took perfect effect in my forehead and between my eyebrows.  This is all not to mention the great environment, her high standards for cleanliness, and how informative she was about everything.  I will 100% be going back to Ashley for my future needs!!  Thank you!! 

Erin McBeth, RN

Ashley is amazing!! My botox is absolutely perfect and the Revanesse Versa lip filler is life changing. It is so subtle but truly made a huge difference in my appearance and by confidence. She did an excellent job. The procedure was virtually painless because of the amazing numbing cream that she uses. I had very minimal swelling/bruising and was back at work the following day. Ashley is extremely professional and shows you a discrete plan before she injects. She is very reassuring and follows up with you to make sure that you love your results. She is a true artist and I am now a lifetime customer.

Dr. Chelsea Rodenberg

Ashley did a phenomenal job with not only the procedure, but making sure I felt as little pain as possible during it. At the follow up appointment, she made sure I was happy with the results and answered any questions I had. I highly recommend Ashley for Botox injections.

Danielle Taylor, RN

Ashley is fantastic! She spends time explaining in detail her services — really appreciate her honesty about what really needs to be done. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face!

Jennifer Whitson

I have had Botox and lip filler previously but I have never had an an excellent experience until I met Ashley. I had the best experience with my Botox and lip filler with Ashley at ash-thetics! Ashley is calming and personable, making the experience relaxing and fun. She gives the option to come to your house which is convenient. She helped ease my fears and ensured me that we would have a natural, beautiful result. She was right! I am absolutely in love with my results, and the pain during injection was minimal if any. My lips are full but soft and natural looking, and my Botox took perfect effect in my forehead and between my eyebrows. This is all not to mention the great environment, her high standards for cleanliness, and how informative she was about everything. I will be a life time customer of ash-thetics!


I have had Botox injections for years but this was the first time that I have actually loved the results! Ashley was excellent at the procedure itself with no pain and I love my results! I will never go to anyone else after this wonderful experience with ash-thetics and Ashley!

I truly can't even tell you how happy I am with my new lips...I really thought I was going to have to live with these ugly lips after my skin cancer surgery. I had to have a new lip reconstructed 10 years ago, I've had 6 touch ups and 2 years ago started noticing very deep wrinkles around my lips.

When my daughter said she was going to have a party with Ashley my first text was "I would love to have my lips done do you think it's possible"....well, yes it was and I cried with pure delight at how beautiful she made me again. My daughters have cried too! Ashley lifted my spirits when I was in need of being me again. I would recommend Ashley to all of my friends and would love for her to post my before and after pictures. Ashley’s followers should see how amazing she is. My fillers are fabulous and still look fabulous... I still smile when I see myself in the mirror....

My botox, ohhhh to all my girlfriends...if you haven't had any botox from Ashley yet, you have to sign up. I can't believe the results, they are amazing. It didn't even hurt not one bit. My botox has lasted a long time. I think I might be ready for a tiny touch up but I had very deep wrinkles.. I feel like me again, sassy and sexy. Thank you Ashley, you are sweetheart.. Can't wait to see you soon...

Jana F.

I was hesitant to receive any Botox initially. After talking with Ashley, I felt confident in my choice to just give it a try. Ashley is competent, professional, fun and calming! The minimal amount I had done has made a great change to what felt like age lines on my forehead and my forever “frown” between my eyebrows. I actually LOOK younger and my skin is more youthful. I love it! Thank you Ashley!!!

M Lockard

Experienced Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Ashley Pratt-Deshmukh

Ashley began her career in the medical field in 2006. Over the years she has cared for the most critical patients. She is accustomed to working with her hands with incredible ability and accuracy. Ashley's experience with a wide variety of patients, from the tiniest in the NICU to adult patients in the Emergency Department, helped her master procedures with different medications and techniques.

Ashley believes in empowering others to feel great about themselves. Ashley is a highly trained aesthetic nurse with many years of experience from some of the top doctors in the world. Ashley is skilled in the use of multiple aesthetic products, methods and procedures with life changing results. She continues her education in the medical aesthetics field through hands-on, master trained courses led by expert physicians from Allergan and Galderma, as well as exciting professional courses.

Ashley puts her clients first and strives for the best possible outcomes and highest client satisfaction and has truly made a difference for numerous happy patients.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family whether they are together at home, at the farm and the many activities they are involved in.

Ashley Pratt APRN, FNP-C, ENP-C

Ashley Pratt-Deshmukh

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BOTOX® Cosmetic is the first and only treatment FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better in adults. So you look like you, only with less noticeable facial lines. It’s a quick 10-minute treatment with minimal downtime. You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours, with results lasting up to 4 months for moderate to severe frown.

Also called “Brow Ptosis,” drooping brow can cause patients to look unhappy and tired even when they are feeling awake and happy. In some instances there are biological reasons for the droop and you might advise your patients to eat more vegetables, exercise their facial muscles, etc. Many times, however, intervention is needed. Administering Botox® results in the relaxing of the brow muscles and, when administered correctly, can keep them aloft.

If you’re interested in a nonsurgical way to reduce submental fullness, also known as double chin, KYBELLA® may be right for you. KYBELLA® is a first-of-its-kind injectable treatment for adults with submental fullness that destroys fat cells under the chin to improve your profile. The procedure itself is multiple injections of Kybella that requires 2-6 treatments 1 month apart.

Many of your practice’s migraine patients will have probably read up on the use of Botox® as a treatment for their condition. This means that you won’t have to do much convincing with them, but you will have to manage expectations. Many migraine sufferers make the mistake of thinking that the drug stops the migraine itself. It doesn’t. It will, however, reduce many of their major symptoms like sensitivity to light and nausea, making the migraine easier to deal with.

Sometimes the twitching will be rapid and/or constant. Other times the twitch can cause a permanent spasm of the muscle, holding it in a tense position for a prolonged period of time. In addition to being annoying and sometimes painful, these twitches can also interfere with the patient’s vision.